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Meriam Multi Function Modular Calibrator - MFT4000

The MFT 4000 Digital Calibrator is a base unit for pressure calibration work with selected NIST traceable sensor modules & integral voltage/current meter. The MFT 4010 Digital Calibrator with HART® is a base unit for modules and full device specific HART® communications. Quick Cal displays HART® PV and AO along with MFT’s NIST traceable measurements. User can identify needed trim(s) and access the trim function(s) from same display.

HART® menu Home key
13-line, 128 x 128 graphic, backlit display
60 hours battery life (w/o backlight)
Accommodates three modules at any time
Commission devices
Reconfiguration for process changes
Troubleshoot devices with HART®

Price : By Call
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