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GE Bently Nevada Pressure Transducer Systems

GE Bently Nevada offers a very wide variety of pressure sensors or transmitters, each designed to handle the rigors of industrial environments and many capable of being installed in hazardous areas when appropriate I.S. barriers, galvanic isolation, or other means are used. The Cylinder Pressure System consists of the 165855 Cylinder Pressure Transducer and the 146824 Interconnect cable. It is intended for measuring the cyclic absolute pressure changes inside a reciprocating compressor cylinder. This transducer is an integral part of a Reciprocating Compressor Condition Monitoring and Asset Management System when utilized with our 3500/77M Cylinder Pressure Monitor and System 1* Plant Asset Management Software.

The 350500 Dynamic Pressure Charge Amplifier (DPCA) is a component in a dynamic pressure sensing system. This sensing system, which monitors pressure pulsations that result from combustion instability in gas turbine engines, consists of a charge-coupled piezoelectric pressure sensor, low noise interconnect cable, 350500 charge amplifier, and monitoring device.
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