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Water Analysis

WTW Colorimeter - PhotoFlex pH

With its unique multi-parameter function of photometry and electro-chemical pH measurement, pHotoFlex® pH shows its strength with more complex tasks in environmental management, such as water framework guidelines, during process monitoring with changing sites and for fish hatcheries by determining NH3 and CO2. The energy-efficient LED optics with 6 wavelengths and a captive adapter for versatile applications with 16 and 28 cuvettes allows the measurement of the smallest concentrations with more than 180 programs for standard parameters and coloration. With a multitude of available test kits - from lot-certified cuvettes to economic powder reagents, it is suitable for monitoring by health offices via environmental monitoring all the way to service labs. A list of favorites for the most commonly used tests, sample ID numbers and more than 3,000 measurements per battery set facilitate field measurements.

The integrated pH function is a complete electro-chemical pH measurement of pH 0-16 with automatic buffer recognition (TEC/NIST) by using the comprehensive WTW selection of pH measuring chains. The temperature compensation automatically takes place in the admissible measuring ranges from -5 … 100 °C. The WTW MultiCal® routine allows the automatic calibration with up to 3 calibration points. For field use, there is, for instance, the maintenance-free SenTix® 41 is recommended, for precision measurements in the lab, the glass electrode SenTix® 81 is frequently used.

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